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Your Health - it's not a one stop shop!

I am reminded more and more of this one simple rule in my very own life.  As I have struggled these past several years with my own health challenges, remembering that this is a long haul, daily journey, is a MUST. A few months before our country suffered this very large threat, I finally took some steps into figuring out what my pain issues are stemming from. Several things have come to light for me:

  1. I have an extra vertebra (a tipped L-6) in my back, along with a mild case of Scoliosis in my neck.
  2. I have Bursitis in both hips.
  3. There is a possibility that I have Neuropathy in my small tissue cells.

A lot to take in, even for this natural junkie that can (jokingly) solve any health problem with ease. As I step back and look at the last 15+ years I have seen the signs, I have felt the pain, I have ignored the red flags…. I consider myself to be of above average intelligence in a lot of areas in life, though clearly not in all! I am not a doctor, I am not a psychic. I am however a healer, which is why it is tough to admit when I need outside help for my own body! Something had to give, I had been suffering (on and off) for FAR TOO LONG!


Since October 2019, I have been to 2 different Chiropractors, several massage sessions, multiple primary care visits, blood work drawn, x-rays, MRI, a visit to a pain management doctor, dozens of trips to physical therapy with dry needling, pool work, and traction, the latest visit, just last week to see a neurologist. Even though we still do not have 100% conclusive data to “fix” the problem, I do have a starting point on some changes I can make now.  Which leads me to writing this today. We are in a fast-paced world, we are givers by nature, creatures of habit, fixers of all.

Indeed, we are a hasty society.  We want results NOW, with very little effort.  The latest and greatest diet pill, no exercise needed!  Hogwash!  This is a great que for me in my life. I have to remind myself that it took nearly 20 years for my body to become this way, of course it is going to take (possibly) years of work for my body to naturally heal, or at least not worsen.  

The Compound Effect

I love the book “The Compound Effect” written by Darren Hardy.  He helps to remind me that this instant world that I am in is not so instant when it comes to my success, or in this case, my health.  He talks about how consistency over a long period of time is the only way to make it happen.  Giving a great example of this, he says; “if you go to McDonalds and eat a big mac and then go home and weigh yourself, you probably won’t see any difference.  But go to McDonalds everyday and eat a big mac for the next 6 months, then weigh yourself, well then now you will see the scale has tipped!”  It is the same with your health!  You must be consistent; you must eat right, exercise, take supplements, use natural remedies, get enough sleep, lower your stress level, look at your family history.  And yes, visit your trusted doctors as necessary. This is a crazy world, especially now, but in order to achieve our health goals, we must all work together.

For our health is not a one stop shop. 



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