Weekly Oil Spotlight
5 Easy Tips Towards Happiness

1.  SMILE: More than 162 studies have been done on the psychology of a smile. Concluding "that smiling helps reduce the body's response to stress and lower heart rate in tense situations" also suggesting that smiling can "lower blood pressure" & even "lead to longevity."

2.  AROMATHERAPY: Because your olfactory bulb (located at the top of your nose) is directly linked to the Limbic system in your brain, studies have proven that by simply smell you can quite literally reprogram how you feel. Citrus oils are especially amazing in the signals it sends to your brain to release serotonin.  

3. MEDITATION: Science shows that 10 minutes a day spent in meditation can reduce stress, lesson anxiety, promotes emotional health and much more.

4. EXERCISE: Whether it is yoga, boxing, basketball, hiking or pilates, studies show that just by simply moving your body creates endorphins. 

5. GRATITUDE: Having thoughts of being grateful, even in extremely difficult moments can keep you, your mind and your body in a place of peace. 

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Grapefruit oil

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